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Hair & Makeup Services

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Want to look great for a special occasion? Book us! We'll do your makeup and style your hair on-site or in our studio. As an added bonus, our stylings always provide an extra dose of self-confidence.

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Sexy, seductive or completely natural, you decide where the makeup journey goes. We promise a radiant look, to conjure freshness from your face ... and who knows? maybe we'll conjure up a few years too.

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Our Services

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Gift Cards

Would you like to gift a hair and makeup service or course? Choose any amount. The gift card is valid for all services and products. Gift joy - order a gift card now.

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Customer Testimonials


"Thank you so much for the wonderful Polyball styling! The makeup and hairstyle were incredibly beautiful. The styling went perfectly with my dress and lasted the whole evening, despite a lot of dancing. Really only to be recommended :)!"

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